With our sets you have the perfect gift. With a few clicks, the gift arrives directly to the recipient including a personalised card.

In addition to the gift sets, you have the option to create your own gift set, as well as, to buy our products individually.

About us...


I am a Spanish mum who has been living in Germany for almost a decade. Since my children were born, I have been trying (without much success) to buy clothes for babies and children that are similar to Spanish fashion. I don't mean the clothes of the big chains that we all know, but the classic and timeless clothes that can be used for any occasion and always make a difference. Clothes that are inherited and passed down from generation to generation.

And why not create my own brand? This year 2021, I have jumped into the pool (as we say in Spain). I have contacted small workshops in Spain and Portugal, and with them I have created my first collection, which I hope you like. It's called CLASSICS because it's made of 100% cotton, so it's designed to be used every month of the year.

TinTiRin is a young and dynamic brand, which will be updating its product portfolio continuously. We offer gift sets, in which you only have to tell us what message you want to send in a card and it will arrive packaged to its recipient; but you can also buy our clothes separately.

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can always contact me by sending me an e-mail to or by private message on Instagram.