ULI AIGNER, an Austrian-born artist living in Berlin, is the founder of the "ONE MILLION" project, so called because she had the idea of making 1,000,000 porcelain pieces for the rest of her life. She started the project in 2014. Each piece is turned by her own hands, is chronologically numbered and bears her signature. In other words, they are unique and irreplaceable pieces, as they are all part of a work of art.

Since 2014, the project "ONE MILLION" and thus her porcelain pieces have been part of exhibitions in various museums and they have spread all over the world. If you want to know more about Uli and her project, visit: ONE MILLION BY ULI AIGNER (eine-million.com)

We are proud to have met someone like Uli Aigner and it is an honour to work with her, because she is not only a great, internationally recognised artist, but also an even better person with a big heart and a role model to follow.