Cotton knitted set - pink

This two-piece set in pink, jacket and trousers, in 100% cotton and size 3-6 months (68 cm), with a very soft feel, is a must-have, ideal as a wardrobe essential.

  • Ideal for babies. The jacket has a line of 5 mother-of-pearl buttons, which can be completely unbuttoned, to avoid damaging the baby's head. It can be worn with the buttons on the front or back, as a jacket or as a jumper. The trousers adapts perfectly to the baby's waist, with very fine rubber threads that intertwine and disappear between the cotton stitches, it couldn't be more comfortable.
  • Very versatile.You can combine it in many different ways: a) combining jackets and gaiters of different colours, b) adding a third product: bodie with or without collar, blouse or bib c) combining the jacket and the gaiter with other garments you have in your wardrobe. Here you can give free rein to your imagination.
  • For any occasion. You can use it for everyday wear as well as for a special occasion, for example by combining it with our round neck bodysuits.

This set is available in three different colours and with matching blanket, what are you waiting for, get it, you won't regret it!

Our model in the photo, measures 68 cm

45.95 €